We offer virtual interviews for Registered Nurses, Mental Health Nurses, Midwives, ODPs, Podiatrists, Occupational Therapists and Radiographers.

Yeovil International Recruitment is an NHS hospital and recruit for a number of other NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK. We have deployed over 2500 nurses and 100 Allied Health Professionals to the UK.

Nurses, Midwives and Mental Health Nurses: Please note it is not a requirement to have passed your English Test prior to the interview, however it is an advantage.

Operating Department Practitioners: You need to be HCPC Registered. You will also need to take Academic IELTs or Academic UKVI IELTs and score 7.0 or above with no element below 6.5.

We have quick deployments to the UK, for those nurses and midwives with both an English and CBT pass and for ODPs who are HCPC registered and have passed their IELTs.

There are NO recruitment fees to you as an individual and there are NO third party agencies involved in this recruitment process.

Eligibility for Interview for Acute Nurses

To be eligible for interview for Medical, Surgical and ICU, you must have 12 months of Acute Adult Inpatient Hospital experience, within the last 3 years

*Operation Room and Emergency Department nurses must have 12 months Acute Inpatient Hospital experience, within the last 2 years.

Specialities we are recruiting for

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Theatre
  • Operation Room* – scrub, anaesthetics, recovery and general theatres
  • Psychiatric Nurses – To be eligible for interview, as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse you MUST have worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for at least 6 months within the last 3 years.
  • Midwives

Eligibility for Interview for Midwives

We are recruiting both experienced and newly qualified midwives. Experienced midwives must have experience in the labour room.


Due to the registration requirements in the UK we are unable to interview for the following specialities:

  • Assistant and Practical nurses with a gap from registered experience of three years or more
  • Outpatient Departments
  • Also we do not currently have any NICU vacancies

What we offer

• Sponsorship and a paid visa
• Flight paid to UK
• English test refunded on arrival to the UK
• HCPC refunded on arrival to the UK
• Assistance with accommodation
• CBT and NMC paid
• Free OSCE training
• OSCE test funded
• ODPs take part in a nationally accredited Essential Anaesthetic Transition Programme course
• Quick deployments

Psychiatric Nurses

To be eligible for interview, as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse you MUST have worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for at least 6 months within the last 3 years.

Extra information for Mental Health Nursing candidates

Please find more information about Mental Health Nursing in the UK with the following videos:

Approach and adaptability:

Challenging Patients:

Challenges and coping mechanisms:


In order to be considered for interview please email a copy of your CV by filling out the below form.

We will then contact you to arrange a date for your interview, but please note: your interview is NOT booked until one of the members from our team emails you to confirm everything.

What you need to email us with 

  • CV
  • English Test pass (if applicable)
  • Nursing qualification
  • Current Nursing/Midwifery registration
  • HCPC registration if applicable

What do you need to do if you already have an offer

If you have already had a previous interview and been offered a role, but you have NOT yet passed your English Test – you DO NOT need to come back for an interview. At the point you pass your English Test, please contact your recruitment officer and they will advise on your next steps.

Get in touch

    Please attach your CV and Passport registration:

    If you also have any of the following please attach:
    - English test
    - CBT (for NMC candidates)
    - OET score or Academic IELTs score
    - HCPC registration (for AHPs)
    - GPhC registration (for pharmacists)
    Please note these are not a requirement to apply