The NMC have announced changes to their English Test requirements

We wanted to update you with these changes…

The overall scores required have not changed, the minimum requirements are:

NMC Tables Yeovil 01

IELTS example

However changes to clubbing rules have changed.  You can now club scores that are 0.5 below the requirements, and the timescales for clubbing tests has now increased to 12 months.  See examples below:NMC Tables Yeovil IELTS

OET example

NMC Tables Yeovil OET

Can I please ask that you re-check any tests that you have previously taken to see if you now meet the requirements.  We have quick deployments in January and February for anyone that has passed their English Test.

English Language Reference

Also to note, there is information on the NMC website that English language references can be provided by employers in place of the English Test.  This only applies to individuals who are currently working in the UK for at least 12 months or have worked in the UK within the last two years.  Unfortunately this is not accepted for individuals who are applying from overseas. 

For further information about the changes please follow the link below:

Blog: We’re making changes to our English language requirements – The Nursing and Midwifery Council (