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We collaborate with a range of NHS trusts and Private Hospitals

Mid Yorkshire

“We have been working with Yeovil since 2020 having met with them at an Award ceremony where they won an award for ‘the best recruitment experience for their international nurses’.

At Mid Yorkshire Trust we wanted to ensure that the experience of our nurses was the best it could be so we chose to work with Yeovil Trust. The campaign has been a huge success and the communication we have with Yeovil is fantastic keeping us updated constantly on the changing position throughout the Covid pandemic. This never stopped recruitment and we are delighted to have received over 200 nurses to our organisation and our partnership continues with ongoing recruitment continuing.”

– Alison Ward, Acting Deputy Director of Nursing & Quality


North Bristol


North Bristol NHS Trust has been working with our partners in Yeovil to recruit a high standard of nurse. These nurses have filled vacancies throughout the Trust and have become a highly valued and respected part of our workforce. Yeovil has led on all aspects of the recruitment process with excellent results. Yeovil are open and responsive to our needs. North Bristol are heading into our 5th year of recruiting with Yeovil and the partnership has exceeded expectations”

– George Duffield


Wye Valley


We have worked with Yeovil NHS FT Trust since 2016 and have built up a great working relationship. They recruit nurses from around the world, mainly from UAE and India. Here at Wye Valley NHS Trust we have been able to recruit to various specialties acute medical and surgical wards, ED, Theatres, Paediatrics, and this year to our community hospitals.

The nurses recruited are of a high calibre and Wye Valley NHS Trust prides itself on its diverse workforce and celebrates the expertise and wide ranging experiences nursing staff from around the world bring to Herefordshire. With a warm, friendly and welcoming culture, the Trust has welcomed more than 70 international nurses from Yeovil Recruitment team to the Wye Valley family this year.