YIR partners with Norka RootsWritten by Trish Spruce, Associate Director of International Recruitment

We are proud to announce we are partnering with Norka Roots based in Kerala to support nurses, midwives and ODPs to work in the UK.

Why have we chosen to partner with an in-country organisation?

We have all heard of the terrible stories of agencies charging fees for recruitment to the UK, stories where nurses have found themselves stranded in the UK without accommodation and regular work, putting pressure on families who now have huge debts.

By partnering with Norka Roots nurses can be assured when they are recruited through this programme there is no fee to pay and in fact we remove the financial burden of coming to work in the UK by offering finance packages:

  • NMC application and paid
  • CBT test paid
  • Visas paid
  • Flights and transfers paid
  • Accommodation free for up to 2 months
  • OSCE test free

As an NHS Trust in the UK, we have an ethical responsible for the well-being and support of every international nurse who decides to come to work for us, no one should be left with crippling debts when then choose to work for us – this programme safeguards the nurses from that situation.

Norka Roots is the only state-run agency under the Government of Kerala to facilitate overseas recruitment of nurses, midwives and ODPs. Yeovil International Recruitment have agreed a specific agreement that they waiver any candidate service charge for their service to support the nurses with their career in the UK.

In addition, we know that the English language test (IELTS or OET) is the most difficult part of the process to become a nurse in the UK, therefore Norka Roots have a dedicated English language training programme that all candidates can enrol.

International recruitment will always play a part in the health and care workforce in the UK and India is one of the top counties of registrants with the NMC, therefore by partnering with Norka Roots we are able to support more nurses with their individual needs and requirements to work in the IK.

Yeovil International Recruitment has supported over 3,200 healthcare professionals to work in the UK with employers in the NHS, private and care sector.  We run weekly virtual interviews and plan our first in-country event in Kerala in October 2023. We pride ourselves in matching the needs of the individual to the requirements of the employer giving a truly individual recruitment experience for each and every person.